Saturday, March 12, 2011

Discovering the Visible

February has come and gone. The shortest month of the year was not lacking in fullness for sure, as you can tell by the more than a week's post time on this post. But February was also a month that allowed me to get back outside to take pictures. Visits from friends and family enriched my lens and gave me perspective on what I do. By the end of the month I was in need of time to reflect, which would come in March as I face the choices of what to do next year/ after June. Philadelphia is a city of murals- commissioned and not. Around every corner there is an artistic vision waiting to be discovered... Below are those I've been blessed to find-may they give you new vision and reveal what your eyes are meant to see.


  1. Beautiful, Colleen. I hope the trips were enriching and lively as the pictures!

  2. Thanks, Kate! They were certainly welcome trips & what can I say Philly's got some beauty to it!