Thursday, March 31, 2011

Before New Purpose: Nativity BVM

As the Winter came to a close this year, I was invited by the community development office at the community center to document a Catholic school here in Philadelphia that is being re-purposed in the coming months. Once a thriving Catholic educational institution, Nativity BVM school will soon be gutted and remodeled as senior housing for the aging population in the Port Richmond neighborhood of the city. It is an exciting new project and being allowed into the old, now empty building before it is re-form was an artist's dream. I hope you enjoy the sights and can find the beauty that I discovered in the impending rebirth of Nativity.


  1. love your eye!
    amazing, really, to see how God "makes all things new" when we are open to the possibilities, and listening to the call...

  2. Thanks Christine!

    It's all about seeing the beauty that God has put there for me to see- I guess that's part of the call for each one of us...