Tuesday, January 6, 2015

With Arms Outstretched

To celebrate the New YearI spent some time away at the Genesis Spiritual Center in Westfield, MA to take a prayerful pause on a guided retreat led by a dear friend. The theme of our time together was Love and what a wonderful theme to meditate on as we head into the year ahead. As I reflected, images came and by retreat's end this poem had emerged. May it be a window into my time and a blessing as we wander into this year together.
Like a clock
each second finds its spot
beginnings and ends
made manifest by the swift swing of
a second hand

In one breath
it's all contained
"My God.." sits steady on my lips
a shimmering sign
of the One come to life in Love

In solemn stillness lays
a heart with arms outstretched
a moment that echoes through
the ages

love made manifest
with no beginning or end
only gratitude and grace
souls made to feel their worth
embraced, sustained
hearts with arms outstretched.