Thursday, October 3, 2013

All that Settles is I Love You.

A Poem in the midst of Novitiate

I love you.
The words echo.
Not because the space is empty
because it is ready to be filled.

Among all else that could be said
the words repeat
as they have my entire life.

My life
it is my hope
has responded
crying out love in so many ways

From the depths
the deep
the depression

Love comes forth
New day, new time
New space, new place
carved out

I love you.
Over and over
before my ears could hear
my lips knew not how to speak,
still Love.

To hear those words volleyed
from another's mouth,
the soul.
How do you return that serve?

Let it ricochet
in a space opened
to the sound of love.
The echo rings louder then,
beyond the bounds
that Love knows not.

Darting and dashing
it steals home.
You stole home
when I wasn't looking.

So now my heart rests
in You alone.
every other love an echo of the first.

My first.
My last.
My everything.

Never full but filling;
Captivatingly Closed;
Endlessly Open;

a terminal for the world.

a platform solid in arrival
and departure,
beginning and end.

a respite
where echo stirs
and all that settles is
I love you.