Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bound by Ignition: a poem

You deserve to receive all of my love.
Anything less, Lord, would not be enough.
I'll lavish you, Lord, with all I have received.
I'll spend my whole life to anoint you as King.
- Danielle Rose, "Anointing at Bethany"

Bound by Ignition

Your steadfast love swirls within me.
My heart aflame
Burning as I seem to have always felt it.
In the way I will never forget.

Doubt flits away in the vapor of smoke;
Trails of apprehension, crumble like crystalline.
Flakes fall, soft like snow.
There my feet fall.

"Follow me," you call.
My will chimes in with a 'but' on the end.
"I will, but..."
No. Not Here.

The flame rises,
the resistance melts away.
In the fire, my will is transformed.
Merged, Fused with yours.

You rise in me, I but follow.
If I withdraw, I freeze
the fuel stands still
no spark- no fury for life

a life of the heart

no need to remember;
never forgotten.
muscle memory.

no knowing how it will beat,
assured that grace trumps certainty.

Bound by ignition
to burn brightly in you.
to love deeply in you.
to always be yours.

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  1. Oh how I have felt that "but"... I call it the 10%... and my prayer always turns to Mother Mary in the hope that some day her total "yes" will rub off on me. And in the meantime, I pray through her that the Holy Spirit will also come fill and change my heart.
    Thank you for your beaautiful prayer.