Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photographic Memories: Glimpses of Visitors

When you start making a new home, visitors are always a welcome sight. They carry with them a piece of home past and being able to share new spaces with them adds to that sense of home. May was a month of visitors. Each came to Philadelphia to share in my vision firsthand, while I found myself in Boston at May's end recalling the feeling of home with friends in a visit long overdue. The sense of home wherever is unmistakable. It is a sense carried in friends and family; it brings ease and it provides the support necessary for growth. The glimpses below are populated by those who joined me this month. They may be towards the periphery of the photographs but their presence pervades these visions. May those images I have been blessed to encounter in their company resonate within you and reveal what your eyes are meant to see.

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  1. Your simple, yet profound statements both inspire and challange - I love it!