Monday, August 23, 2010

It is, well I am, here.

Hey everyone- Just a quick update...

I'm all moved into the house in Philly. My community mates are moved in & as of 10 AM this morning we begin orientation (think 2 truths & a With that said, it may not be until Saturday that you hear from me again, but rest assured that I am safe & sound, getting settled in, and taking every moment for all it's worth.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corpus Visum

I move into community on Sunday and begin this next adventure with the Mission Corps. Yet, all this week I have found myself immersed in the life of community, connected with the corpus that I am readying myself for. In a way, I have already become a part of this body.

As I've moved through this week, I have moved with each one of my community mates. Watching the towns and country of New Jersey blur past my window on one of my last commutes, I pictured what it might be that my community was looking out upon at that moment. Visions of landscapes near and far, distant homes, and spaces familiar but far from my own landscape. Moments in my mind have drawn us together and many more will draw us together over the coming months.

(Believe me, I am fully aware that we know nearly nothing about each other and that whatever our community is like, it will be different, if not far different, from anything thoughts I could conjure up before Sunday- but forget all that & just go with me, won't you?)

Together we look forward with eyes united in mission. No doubt each set of eyes will see our experiences differently, but as a body we will see as one, adjusting our eyes to another's perspective, sharing our own vision, and discovering the landscape we wander together. It is something about the mission of this body, this Mission Corps, that caught our eyes; something that is different for each, but must, I believe, bear some resemblance to what each of us originally saw and will, in the end, prove to have some semblance to what drew us forth.

For now, I can sit and imagine what it is that each body of this community is seeing. I imagine their thoughts are similar to mine, if only in the excitement and anxiety that come with taking a new step. In these moments of connection, prayer fills my heart and I pray that it might fill their's too. Fleeting thoughts and moments, a blurred landscape, and eyes ready to be opened- to see what lies ahead, to uncover what is already here, and to discover it all through the lens of a community, a body, united in vision, in mission, no matter how near or far we find our selves from it all.