Sunday, September 25, 2011

Transitions & Updates

The last month has been one of chaos. I moved back to Philadelphia midway through August, moved into a new community, and returned to work at the community center as the new assistant director in charge of social outreach, volunteer coordination, and all sorts of various other programming. Add on top of that the general state of a life in transition, a dear friend deciding to leave the congregation, and a death that shook the entire community and you have a glimpse of where my life has been (and why it hasn't been here on the blog) over the last month. Oh yeah... and I'm becoming a nun.

So all in all, please excuse my absence over the last few weeks. I'm glad to be back and hope to have a new entry up very soon. In the meantime, I need a favor, can you comment and let me know your favorite entry from the last year? I'm working on a piece for publication that reflects on my year of service & which draws off of my writing, so I need to know what might be the best piece to feature. I have my favorite but I want to hear from you, so get to it and I'll get on a new entry right away.

Peace to you all,

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  1. It's good to see you back, Colleen. I look forward to your reflections.