Friday, July 8, 2011

Photographic Memories: Monumental Endings

June has come to an end and with it my time with the SSJ Mission Corps has also come to a close. The month was full, as so much of my time in Philadelphia has been. Time that gladly will not end with this chapter. Yet as I move on from this year of service, the year behind me stands as a testament to the wonder that God has laid out before us. It has been a year filled with creativity, both written and visual.

June was no different. My roomates and I set out on the road commonly traveled, becoming tourists and taking in the sights in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. On these journies the beauty was chiseled in stone, stalwart and proud. The US Capitol to the National Shrine and Bascillica displayed visions of granduer. While the muse that has caught my eye all year, City Hall, revealed that mystery, intricacy, and austerity abounded both inside and out. Endings and beginning can each be monumental in their own ways. They loom large on the paths that we travel but ultimaely do not dominate, truncate, or eliminate the journey we take- the simply add to the wonder, marking where we've been and showing us how far we've come. The visions below reveal part of the beauty that stands on my pathway. May these images mark something bigger and reveal what your eyes are meant to see.

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